we’re mountain people.

As architects in North Idaho, we believe we have a responsibility with everything we design, as we are afforded the opportunity to contribute to the fabric of our community.

Because there is no greater combination than lakes, mountains, and the people that live in them. We think the homes, buildings, and public spaces should reflect that.


The Boden Story

Boden Mountain Architecture was founded in 1984, beginning as a one-man operation in Sandpoint, Idaho that focused on residential homes in Bonner County. From the lone-architect firm, Boden began acquiring employees - adding unique talents, perspectives, and areas of interest with each new team member.

Today, Boden Architecture’s projects represent residential, commercial, and destination architecture in Idaho, Montana, Washington, Canada, and around the world, using technology to expand their reach, without losing the personal touches of a small-town firm.

From the natural beauty in which they live and play to a multitude architectural influences, the Boden team operates from inspiration, from collectivity, and from perpetually loving what they do.