Design Process

Our Process

Our process of designing a building, space or structure consists of four design processes. It is important to remember that while the information and decisions made in one of these stages form the basis of the subsequent stage, design is seldom a linear process. Instead, we typically move back and forth between the phases, allowing ideas from the more detailed designs to influence and modify the overall design direction that was previously established. This flexibility helps ensure a better and more pleasing final structure.

Preliminary Design

From brainstorming sessions, client owner information, site visits, analysis & sketches the preliminary design is developed. Scheme One of the preliminary design is the first set of drawings created to begin the design process. Based on client feedback the preliminary design is altered or forwarded to the next step. More Information

Design Development

Using the approved Preliminary Design the general design is entered into the 3D software. The site and structure are created in a 3D model. During this process the design is more fully developed and detailed. Images are created to communicate the design to the client/owner. More Information

Construction Documents

Approval of the Design Development phase leads to engineering, final details and the creation of the construction documents. The documents are a manifestation of the design process and communicate the intent of the Architect. The 3D software is now used as a tool to develop the working drawings for construction. More Information


Working as a team the Client, Builder and Architect establish the necessary communication during the construction process to complete the physical structure. The 3D model is again used as a tool to assist in the understanding and communication of the design. More Information